Educational Games

TJ & Pals
TJ & Pals offers up captivating learn-as-you-play games, imaginative animated e-books, online creative tools, interactive video content, and a kid's "fitness gym." It provides entertaining "Watch and Learn Instructional Videos" so kids can figure out how to play the games and activities by themselves. This ultimately encourages kids to discover things on their own and builds their self esteem. The creators of TJ & Pals have also utilized a variety of proven educational principles when designing the games and activities on the site. Following kid's intuitive learning patterns, learning as you play, and repeating ideas and concepts throughout the games and songs are three examples of such principles.

School Games
This site combines educative and funny activities in order to make a fun school for everybody. Our site has a great collection of school games for kids to practice math, geography, language arts and many more.

Cool Math Games
Free online math games to learn and enjoy!

Free Sight Words Activities
Free Sight Words Activities, including printables, fun games and puzzles.

Games for language learning of French, German, Italian, Spanish. FREE online courses and quick games to practice listening, reading, writing, speaking.